Ricardo has many years of experience working creatively as saxophone and clarinet teacher. In the last 5 years he has worked at the North London Music Centre as sax and clarinet tutor, teaching students of all ages and backgrounds including the preparation of students for the grade exams both in sax and clarinet as well as theory exams.
Ricardo also continues with his work as private sax and clarinet tutor.


During the last 5 years workshops in improvised music has become one of the major educational activities for Ricardo.

He understand that music, and moreover improvised music, can be best taught within a context of interaction and mutual teaching, therefore his role as a workshop leader must be understood as a facilitator of musical and sound experience in group.
His workshops revolve around several core ideas and concepts such as the act and different forms of listening, the re-examination of one owns personal, social and musical boundaries in the context of music making, the relationship with your instrument, the role of the player within the ensemble, the re examination of genre and styles, the relationship between composition and improvisation, etc.
Ricardo has given worshops at Brunel Univerisity (London), FIL (Festival de musica improvisada de Malaga) and Festival Abaetetuba de musica improvisada de Sao Paolo (Brasil).

Recently he has started a project with English cellist Hannah Marshall to give music improvisation workshop throughout London.